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New Makkah

Mecca Importance For Muslims

What Is Mecca and Why Important For Muslims I saw at Yahoo Answers, in comments or other social networks that many people want to know what is Mecca and it’s importance in Islam and for Muslims. If you are from…

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Most Beautiful Mosques

22 World Most Beautiful Mosques The religion Islam is here for centuries. It was the time when Muslim rule the world. They were not only land lords or rulers but also very nice human being and socialist people. They were…

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God Helps

Is it Possible to Learn Quran Online?

A few years back the term learn Quran online was an unfamiliar and uncommon term however now with the advance technology and high speed internet it is possible to learn Quran online with specialized and experienced teachers. Now you don’t…

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Surah For Guide

Innovative Ways to Learning Quran Online

Learn Beautiful Quran Online Almost every Muslim in the world loves to listen beautiful recitations of Quran the most pious and Holy book of Allah. Most of us also want to recite Quran with accurate accent and proper tenor. Sometimes…

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Select convenient time for reading Quran

Quran is the holy book of Muslim and it is the responsibility of every Muslim to read, recite and understand Quran on daily basis. It is important to learn each and every aspect of Quran as well as learn the…

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