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Quran learning Mobile

About Us

We have been serving in Quran Teaching field for last 8 years. Now we have inaugurated an online Quran Teaching Academy. Our online quran classes for kids are opening for all brothers  and sisters.The purpose of this sacred work is to convey Allah’s message to all human beings. Having of Islamic knowledge and acting upon, it is our religious responsibility. Every Muslim is trying the best to perform their duty.

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Amazing Features

My Quran Teaching Academy is a great gift for all Muslims residing around the Globe. Every Muslim brother and sister can learn Quran from home without any difficulty. The qualified male and female teachers are available for Online Quran teaching including all courses.

Female Teacher
The Female Teachers are more caring and more passionate towards their profession i.e Specially Quran and other Islamic Education. Females Student feel comfortable with female instructors to discuss feminine issue.
Our Core Values
Our students come from different social strata of the societies, thus we are providing care and quality education. Instilling moral and social values so as to help them to become good human beings.
Student Progress
We are committed to Share progress of students with parents on monthly basis. This will surely highlight weaknesses, achievement and create a good educational environment for good result in shortest time.
24/7 Quran courses

We're Available For You 24/7

Are you looking for best Online Quran Tutor? With the guidance of our dedicated Online Quran teachers you can excel anything and everything of your Quranic knowledge within a shortest possible time.

Reading Noorani Qaida
The Quran Reading with Tajweed
Quran Memorization
Translation and Tafseer Course
And much more!

Online Quran Courses We Offer!

We are talking here about online Quran courses in detail.You can opt the one out of the following options for you or for your child. My Quran Teaching Academy team will teach your kids in easier way then ever to learn quran online.

Noorani Qaida for Beginners

Noorani Qaida is basic Arabic book. Your kid after completing noorani qaida, would be able to identify the letters, joining letters and pronounce them with proper tajweed. With this basic course, towards Quran learning would be really easy and simple. Every student initially enjoying while reading noorani qaida.

Quran Reading Course

If you or your kids are well known about Arabic alphabets, learn quran online course is really for you. During Quran reading and recitation course, our online Quran tutor make the pronunciation of joint letters make easier to you. After completing some of the chapters, you will not only able to read but also fluently it yourself.

Memorization Quran Course

Quran memorization and Hifz e Quran takes a lot of time to complete it. If your kids familiar with reading but not compulsion can start quran memorization. Special dedication is required to complete this course. Allah Almighty promised to give special rewards in return. However, it is not big deal in return of Jannat / Paradise

Translation Quran Course

In Quran translation and tafseer course, online Quran teacher will help you to understand word by word meaning of each Quranic word. After completing quran translation, a second phase, tasfeer course will be started. The course enables you to understand in depth events, message of Allah. This course makes us to become a true Muslim and brings a great perfection in our life. In His Holy Book, Allah clearly guide humanity, how one can success in this world and next one.

Islamic Activities Course

Online Quran teachers will teach your kids different compulsory topics like masnoon dues, prayer, six kalma’s, ayatul kursi and Quranic Dua’s for instilling Islamic values at their childhood. This course can opt with other courses. It’s our responsibility to manage these during online quran classes for kids. These type of course enhance sense of responsibility, manners towards society as well as religion. Don’t miss these basic Islamic educations while admitting your kids in a Quran Academy. Highly recommended for all especially for kids.

Hadith & Tafseer Course

Great last but not least! Hadith and Tafseer course is all about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). After understanding Quran, If you are looking for a further guidance, then this course is for you. In the last sermon, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, I leave behind me two things i.e Quran and Sunnah (Hadith) if you follow these you will go never astray. So, we will find details about dealings, what is right and wrong? We will familiar after go through Hadith and tafseer course.

Register Now For Free Trial

Free Trial Classes will give you an opportunity to check the teaching style and dedication of our tutors before to start regular classes!

Team Member

Our Online Quran Tutors are not only qualified but they are very professional, friendly and of course consistent at what you expected in learning Quran for your kids. Learn more about our Quran teachers and Staff.

Mushtaq My Quran Teaching
Mushtaq Ahmad
Ghulam Ulllah Babar
Gulam Ullah Baber
Muazaffar Ud Din
Muzaffar Ud Din

More About US

Every student is dealt according to his mental level for maximum output. The way of teaching of online quran tutors is very impressive. Very difficult concepts of tajweed are explained in very easy way with the help of materials.

Team Member
Course in Progress
Happy Students
% Satisfaction


Our students are Islamic community assets. We loving and caring them. What some of our student’s views and feedback’s about our online quran classes? Have a look at some of the wonderful comments people say about us.

Our Beloved Students From

Our beloved students come from all over the world to avail online quran learning services . The aim is to provide the basic Quran reading lessons in accordance with tajweed rules as well as to provide purposeful education to the students of My Quran Teaching Academy, by nurturing fine Islamic values/skills, so as to make them useful members of the society. Most enrolled kids in our Quran Education Academy are:

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Benefits of Online Quran Classes

Being a Muslim, It is our first and foremost duty to read and understand Quran. Why is it considering really necessary to read and understand Quran? The reason is that it is a sort of medium among the reader and the Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty addresses the humans directly through this medium. So, for us and for our kids, it is really very important to read and understand Quran.

If we want to get closer to Him and purify our souls, we are facilitating every Muslim brother and sister to take online quran classes for kids at home. Technology makes this way of learning quran online simplest and easiest. In the recent era, you can choose online Quran courses to learn and understand this Holly Book. Online Quran learning proffers you lots of benefits, some of which are following:

No Traveling Needed

Learning Quran is considering really necessary when we talk about the Muslims.  It was the old days when they used to travel to the distant places to learn the Quran at Online Quran academy. Moreover, you don’t even need to travel to a nearby place or institute as you can take online quran classes in your own comfort. The introduction of online Quran learning makes parents feel relaxed as their children are learning the Holy Book while being at home. They don’t have to send their little kids to far off places. It is somewhat to hire best online Quran tutor at home.

Convenient Environment

This is one of the most obvious benefits of learning Quran online for you as well as for your kids. Is there anything more comfortable than attending the classes Online? Of course, there isn’t . You can learn Quran anywhere you want, i.e. at your home, in your office break or anywhere else. On the other hand, if you choose to learn Quran other than online way, you are required to join that institute on time. Moreover, you have to complete all of your jobs before that time. Online Learning way motivates the people and makes it really convenient for you to get Islamic Education.

Self Discipline Learning

If you choose the online way of learning the Holy Quran, you will learn lots of good things, for instance, time management, self-motivation and self-management. All these things are of immense value for all the working environments as well as for your entire life. Moreover, before you start learning Quran online, you are looking for a leading online Quran academy. This selection process gives you a chance to interact with different Islamic institutions. When you hire one that meets your need, you have to follow the learning disciplines discussed by both parties.

An Effective Learning Way

E learning Quran is becoming one of the most popular as well as a rewarding way of learning. From the past few years, the online way of learning Quran is gaining so much popularity. The reason behind this motive is that it makes you available lots of benefits. When you choose some reliable online institute, it is great chance; you may get a very vigorous learning system. Where you can learn the way you want. Also, you are allowed to communicate, ask queries etc. So, it is proved as an effective learning method for learning Quran.

Muslims in the Western

One of the benefits for online Quran learning is considered really very beneficial for the Muslim Communities in the western countries. The reason is that in Islamic countries, you have lots of options to learn Quran. But in the western countries; the people face lots of problems as they don’t have access to any expert Qari. So, if you really want to learn proper Tajweed. You can choose to learn it online where you will find lots of experts to teach you the Quran. Kids Quran tutor online is the best as well as the most convenient way of teaching children quran.

Quran Lessons Online - Opt (24/7 Access)

When you choose our quran lessons online, you can get 24/7 access to your course materials as well as to the classes. Course material is readily available for you and we share the lessons to make practice. This flexibility allows you to learn from anywhere and anytime. It means that you are not anymore bound for going to the nearby learning institutes. In this existence facility 24/7 access, you are free to learn your Holy Book at your own desire convenient time schedule.

A Leading Online Quran Academy That You Can Trust.

Why Online Quran Classes for Kids from Us?

With the passage of time, the Islamic world has changed so much. As a matter of fact, the latest technologies are opening up the gates for sharing the message of Allah as well as for spreading Islam. All these changes have also affected the methods of learning the Quran in a very good way. Now-a-days, number of kids, women and men are taking online quran classes. The Quran learning is considering really important as well as basic thing for the Muslims. Ever before, people use to send their child to far off places. Now, for this purpose as there are lots of online institutes that make you available the facility to learn quran online the way you want.  Why learning online Quran from Us!

Experienced & Professional Quran Teacher

When we talk about the learning Quran for ourselves or learn Quran for kids. We want the qualified teachers to educate us who has the complete knowledge of Quran. In this regard, we are the best choice for you for the reason that we have well-qualified teacher to teach you the Quran, who have years of experience. No matter whatever course you choose, our skilled staff will make it easy for you as they know the proper methodology to do it.

The role of the Quran educator is not only providing you the education but good social values as well. We are here to provide you the right kind of teachings with the assurance of utmost quality. Our well-qualified and experienced Quran teachers, make learning online quran possible for you.

Reasonable Fee Structure

If you are not really wealthy and need to find an institute for your children who could proffer them the high-quality Quran education at the reasonable prices, we are the right option for you. The basic agenda of our online Quran Institute is to educate the children Quran the right way. We are collecting a reasonable fee from students so that everyone could afford to learn from us.

Utmost Convenience – Quran Tutors at Home

When you choose us for online Quran learning, you choose the utmost convenience for you for the reason that we are accessible every time proffering you the flexible class timings to learn the Quran. We try our level best to teach you according to your timings. In this way, you could learn the Quran in the most convenient way.

Safety of your Child

When we talk about teaching Quran to our children, the first and foremost concern being a parent is safety, without any doubt. Keeping this in mind, the most important concern for our online Institute is your child’s safety. So, you can trust us for your child’s protection and security as you are not going to make responsible any unknown Institute for your child’s Quran learning. We have expert and experienced staff that makes available the high-quality Quran teachings to your children. Therefore, we are the best as well as the safest online institute that you can rely on.

Wide Courses Selection

The most amazing thing about us is that we are offering online quran education with a wide range of courses. You could choose the one that suits your needs. For instance, if you need to memorize the complete Quran, we have a separate course for you. On the other hand, if you need to learn the Quran as a beginner, there is a separate basic course for you and so on. You can have a look at all available wide range of course. Choose the one accordingly, depending on your needs.

Classes 100% Satisfaction

If you choose us for teaching your children, we assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction as we are aiming to provide you the highest quality education at the most reasonable prices. Though, you can discuss any kind of problem you are facing. We try to resolve within shortest possible time period. Moreover, we are working day and night to make our education quality even better for you to make sure each and everything goes smooth.

Why Not Try 3 Days Trial Classes!

Our Blog

Find the last post about our online Quran academy, Quran as well as Islam. As we know, Islam is Arabic word which means “Peace’ and ‘Submission’. Read our editorials or you may send an article for publish.

Quran Qualified Students

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Online Quran Academy

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What Important to Know [See Image Below]

Quran is Religious Book of Islam

What is Islam all about? Islam is a religion and Muslims have a firm belief in oneness of God, Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. It is basic faith without it; one can’t claim himself or herself as Muslim.
Everyone wants to live a rewarding life. Being a Muslims, one has to learn, understand and follow Islam teachings. When you do so, you will have so much reward in your today life as well as also get salvation in the next life. So, it is really very necessary for you to learn it yourself and make your children to learn and understand it. It is the final eternal book from Allah Almighty. It was not merely for the Muslims but was for the whole mankind so they all could live a life with happiness and peace.

Ways to Learn Quran Online

What is the proper way to learn Quran online? The process is really simple. You may learn The Holy Book online through online Quran teaching system. You need PC or a Laptop, headset, microphone with a broadband connection. Classes can start if you have not experienced e-learning ever before. Moreover, when you choose this way of learning Quran, our Quran online institute will guide you thoroughly.

The most important thing, you need to be very careful while looking for a reliable online institute for you or for your kids. Prefer to choose the one that facilitates you with two or three free trial classes. In this way, you can get an opportunity to check teaching methodologies. Moreover,  there are also lots of free apps in the mobiles phones which assist you in Quran learning.

How to Learn Quran Online?

With the passage of time, the Islamic world has changed so much. As a matter of fact, the latest technologies are opening up the gates for sharing the message of Allah as well as for spreading Islam. All these changes have also affected the methods of learning the Quran in a very good way. Now-a-days, number of kids, women and men are taking online quran classes. The Quran learning is considering really important and basic thing for the Muslims. Ever before, people use to send their child to far off places. Now, for this purpose as there are lots of online institutes that make you available the facility to learn quran online the way you want.  Distance learning advance Islamic courses are also offering different well renowned universities.

Conclusion – Online Quran Classes

There are a few things that you need to learn the Quran, for example, attention, commitment, motivation, devotion, and dedication. When you choose the online way of learning Quran for your kids, the children show their keen interest when they enroll themselves in online quran classes. So, anyone can learn the Holy Quran from anywhere, anytime. The children will stay focused as well through this kind of learning. In the group learning, the attention of the children may get diverted. It’s not possible with online Quran learning. The process to start online Quran learning course isn’t very difficult. Your child will get the high-quality education this way within affordable fee structure.

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