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BismillahThe daily Islamic activities course includes Namaz, Dua, 6 Kalma, masoon daily dua’s, etc. Learning how to perform these daily activities is the basic step of becoming a good Muslim. To learn daily masnoon duas’ are important process for every Muslim. These activities especially Namaz cannot be avoided. Namaz is compulsory to perform regularly and 5 times a day. That is why Daily masnoon Islamic activities course can help your kids to learn basic education. My Quran Teaching Academy is therefore introduces it to whom do not have this facility. These courses can learn separately from your home home. If you do not have the time to leave house, you can avail this course online. Hence, these courses have proven a lot beneficial for the learner. You may be interested in learning the correct way to offer prayers. Than, learn all these duas and kalmas.

Benefits – Learn Daily Masnoon Duas’

The major benefits of these courses are as follows:

  • This course teaches correct way to offer prayers and perform the daily Islamic activities in a proper way.
  • They bring a Muslim close to their religion.
  • They encourage the Muslims to venture deeper into the Islam. Learn all the basic things about it learn daily masnoon duas'like the memorization of Holy Quran and the correct understanding of the Hadiths and the Tafseer.
  • Since the basic purpose of the religion of Islam is to bring prosperity and sincerity. This course brings them one step closer to the deeper meaning of life.
  • This Daily masnoon Islamic activities course is very beneficial for beginners. By learning this basic education, kids can easily adopt the Islamic way of life. This course gives a full understanding of it to the person taking the course. It also encourages them to take part in as much Islamic activities as they can.
  • Since Islam is not all about offering the prayers and reciting Holy Quran. This course also teaches the basic manners and rules that are mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
  • It teaches a way to live the life peacefully.  Also, gives solutions to the problem that often occur in the life of a human being. It makes people sincere, consistent, familial, prosperous, successful, confident as well as motivated. A Muslim should always abide by the rules of Islam. This course makes sure to teach all those rules.


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