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Islamic Teaching for Kids: A Guide How to Teach Islam to Your Kids?

Teaching Islam to your children is not only our fundamental responsibility but also the basic moral duty that enlightens their lives and nurtures their characters. Kids do not understand complex language and signs. They learn what they see, and understand what you mainly do through your gestures. Therefore, we as parents may consider Islamic teachings for kids on attaining the age of 5 years.

Allah has already placed lots of love for Islam in their tiny hearts. So, when you try to teach them Islam, they listen to you closely, pay heed to your teachings, and ask questions that usually arise in their minds.

How Can We Start Islamic Education for Child

That’s why, the best way is to engage them through Islamic stories and not confuse them with complex terms. We believe that Islamic education for child is as important as their general health, which needs to be taken care of at any cost.

Therefore, it is better to start with the names of Allah and tell them how beautifully He created the whole universe and why we worship him day and night.

You can also show them animations and cartoons based on Islamic themes as it will inculcate values and they will show more interest in learning Islam.

If you are currently in the process of teaching and introducing Islam to your kids, this is probably the right article to read till the end. Here we have mentioned how to teach Islam to your kids in the right manner, without making things complicated for them.

What should be the First Islamic Lesson for Kids

Teach Your Kid “Who is Allah?”!

When it comes to teaching your kids about Islam, it is first recommended to introduce them to our Creator.

Start with the introduction of Allah Who has created us and the whole universe. Instead of giving them any theoretical explanation, ask them something very interesting that actually creates curiosity in them. For example, ask, “Have you looked at those beautiful stars at night? Do you know how they shine, and who created them?”

After that, slowly introduce them to Allah and tell them everything is the creation of God. He has the power to do anything. And no other person or power can compete with Him ever.

Play Naats Instead of Music at Home

Today’s kids love to listen to something because their friends, neighbors, or cousins do! Therefore, make sure your kids are not listening to vulgar music and only listening to Naats and Islamic stories.

There are lots of Naats about Allah’s blessings, Prophets’ lives,humanity, Islam, and much more.

Islamic teaching for kids

Islamic Knowledge for Kids Through Games and Worksheet

Another interesting way to Islamic knowledge for kids is, through games and engaging worksheets. We all know that kids love playing games and everything that looks colorful and appeals to their eyes.

So, the next tip is to introduce the 5 pillars of Islam. Guide them gently and slowly about everything through different activities like games and worksheets so that they enjoy learning Islam.

Make them learn the Kalma first as this is the basic element that must be known to every kid. Tell them a reason to believe that Allah is the only one.

Islamic teachings for kids,an another tip: Make salah a kids-friendly activity for them so that they don’t feel forced to pray. Many parents order kids to get up and do wudhu to offer the prayer. However, that’s not the correct way. Instead, it’s important to educate them about what Salah actually is, why should they offer prayer, and what are the benefits of offering prayer. It will help them establish a connection with their Creator. You can even say like this, “Hey buddy, it’s time to talk to Allah, let’s do it.”

Buy Children’s Islamic Books That Includes Different Islamic Lessons for Kids

Many parents buy children’s Islamic books that guide kids to the straight path. Though it is an effective way but make sure you buy an easy, interesting, and short book with lessons.

The book must have Islamic lessons for kids that inspire them to follow the teachings of Islam and Allah.

If the book has complicated terms and difficult stories, your kids might feel irritated to read it and hence they won’t learn things as they should.

islamic education for child

Enroll Your Kids in an Online Islamic School

This is undoubtedly the best way to inculcate Islamic teachings in your children. The best part is you don’t have to travel miles away to reach the school. You can simply register yourself for Quran classes online on a platform like MQT Academy where qualified male & female tutors are here to guide them thoroughly.

The tutors create Islamic lessons for beginners that are tailored to their needs, age, and different levels.

Above all, they create flexible schedules for your kids so you don’t have to rush things up and get them ready to attend the class. You can schedule class whenever the kid is ready to learn.

The tutors create relevant curriculum and content that creates doubt and confusion in their minds. With the help of courses and Islamic teachings for kids, you can surely make them learn faster from the comfort of your home.

Use Toys and Cartoons to Watch for Fun & Effective Learning

As we all know we are living in a technological age where it is hard to avoid screens for kids. So, why not make them a bit more fruitful for kids instead of watching useless videos and poems?

Toys can play a pivatol role in Islamic teachings for kids and infants. Especially, who are at the age of playing with the toys, it’s best to give them some Islamic toys like dolls and teddy bears that recite Surahs instead of songs.

There are also different cartoons available online such as Omer & Hana, IQRA cartoon, Five Pillars cartoon, and many others. These cartoons can actually benefit your kids and make their online Islamic learning more fun and effective.

Islamic Education for Kids


Teaching Islam to your children is such a noble endeavor that can make their lives fulfilling. It is recommended to foster a nurturing environment. Lead them by example, and use all age-appropriate resources to inculcate Islamic beliefs. Help your children develop a strong foundation of Islam

Or, simply enroll them in an online Islamic course. They impart Islamic education and shows them the straight path to follow for life. If you are confused about which course is better for your kids, read this article which is all about the best Islamic courses for beginners.

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