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How to Choose the Best Quran Tutor for Your Kids: Tips for Finding the Right Children's Quran Instructor

Are you looking for the right Quran tutor for your kids? Or finding the best Quran tutor academy for ladies or children?

Maybe you have searched a lot and never found the competent one based on your needs. We all know that learning the Quran is such a rewarding deed that brings you closer to Allah as well as shows the right in addition to offering plenty of other benefits in this life and hereafter.

What Reasons Behind to Learn Quran from Qualified Tutor

Every Muslim around different parts of the world strives to learn the Quran. Because of this, they look for a qualified tutor whether for them or their kids. Correct pronunciation is complementary part, so every brother and sisters take care of it.

If you want your kids to learn the Quran the right way then we recommend to get a professional Quran teacher. We know that finding the internet Quran tutor is not an easy task today. But we can help you do it through this article.

Here we have mentioned the secrets to choosing the best Quran tutor online for your kids. These tips can help teach the Quran the best way possible.

quran tutor online

Find a Native Arab Speaker for Authentic Language Learning

Finding a native Arab speaker for learning the Quran is no less than an achievement. This is probably the most important qualification. Having this your Quran tutor, an extra edge over other teachers.

The Quran was basically revealed and preserved in Arabic language, which means it is easy for every Arab to understand it. In fact, Allah (SWT) said:

Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.  The Quran [43:3]

Therefore, if you want to fully understand the teachings of this sacred book. You should learn the Quran in its original language. This can help of a tutor whose mother language is Arabic. Finding an Arabic language tutor by yourself is hard. That’s why choosing a platform like MQT Academy is an easy choice for You. They provide native Quran tutors for Quran classes online for learning.

Quran Tutor Should be Experienced and Knowledgeable

A tutor for kids must have relevant experience and knowledge in teaching the Quran. Internet Quran tutor not only have some basic knowledge but a very deep knowledge. Because, which is rooted in the teachings of our sacred book.

Unfortunately, many students fall prey to deceivers. They convince them that they have complete knowledge of the Quran. But they have only memorized a few surahs of the Quran and just an idea of a few Hadiths. Careful of it, as they are doing it to earn money only.

It’s important to choose a well-experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified tutor. If you really want to learn the Quran and excel in it.  Someone who can recite the Quran perfectly and apply all the Tajweed rules by heart is a right kids Quran tutor. Because he is actually well-versed in everything about the Quran.

Check the Reputation and Reviews of a Quran Tutor on Different Online Platforms

Before you choose the Quran tutor online, make sure you do some research first. Check where the teacher works or which platforms he is associated with.

There are many unverified Quran teachers & schools working on the internet. They make fool people in the name of Islam. We must ensure that whoever you select for your kids, must be someone who is associated with a highly reputed platform and has good reviews from his students. Tutor should highly appreciated by his previous students. Only then it means you can rely on his knowledge and expertise.

To check reviews and reputation, you can simply visit the Quran tutor website. Where you can find out reviews of students or their parents about the prospective Quran tutors.

Inquire About his Teaching Methodology

Never forget that the teaching methodology. Your Quran tutor teaches will have a lifetime impact on kids’ learning. Therefore, it must be an essential element to consider before choosing a tutor. Actually, at MQT Acadmy we are focused on following unique teaching methodologies. We creating curriculums that suit best the learners’ needs, ages, and levels. Their unique methods are  focusing on initial stage on learning. After a few surahs or few Juzz of the Quran are being able to recite and memorize the Quran at an unbelievable speed.

Reliable teachers teach you Quran and Arabic with class exercises. They provides you with an Arabic-speaking environment. Such teachers are probably a more best Quran Tutor. On the other side, one who only reads Arabic words and translates them into your language cannot get clarity.

Well-Mannered and Polite

Students never like strict, rude, and impolite tutors. In case they have to study from those teachers, they feel scared and confused all the time. Make sure this isn’t the case with your kids too. Besides being knowledgeable and expert. The online tutor should also be well-mannered, polite, and calm. In this way, tutor can guide students with patience and kindness.

You can even choose a female Quran tutor for your kids. They are comparatively more polite with kids as compared to male tutors. The tutor must follow the Adab of Islam. They also have the right attitude and be a strong follower of the sunnah of the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As a student of the Quran, you want to learn with a well-mannered teacher. Because this also shows that he/she is practicing what he/she will preach to you.

Looking for In-Home Quran Tutoring Service, Where to Find the Best Quran Tutor at Home?

If you are unsure about the qualities of a Quran tutor, read this article as it explains the important qualities every Quran tutor must have.

By the end of this article, we are sure that you got the basic idea of choosing the right Quran tutor for your kids. Additionally, if you know a platform where you can find them, do not waste time and contact them to get started today.

However, if you don’t know where to find them. Then simply contact MQT Academy here. Where you can find the best Quran tutor at home without having to pay tons of money. They will not only guide you but help you to prepare course content, and help you enroll in Quran reading, or Quran translation courses based on your requirements.

Why Kids Quran Tutor from us - Let's Connect

MQT Academy is dedicated to providing Kids Quran Tutor for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone, including kids, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, and adults, can benefit from our Quranic instruction.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our students' parents, who have witnessed the effectiveness of our Quran education programs. Many parents are not only happy with our Quran education but often recommend us to other friends, family members, and acquaintances.

At MQT Academy, our commitment to delivering high-quality Quranic education is unwavering. Our experienced instructors are skilled in their teaching methods. It will suit the unique learning needs of each student. Whether you are looking to learn the Quran for the first time, improve your  reading  or recitation, we are here to support your educational journey. Join us to experience the excellence of kids-quran-tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Islamic lessons for kids?

Islamic lessons for kids are educational classes designed to teach children about Islam. They cover topics like Quranic stories, ethics, and basic Islamic practices in a child-friendly way.

Can my kids have a Quran tutor?

Yes, kids can have a Quran tutor. Many tutors specialize in teaching children, making learning engaging and age-appropriate.

Is there a female Quran tutor available?

Yes, you can find female Quran tutors who can teach Quranic studies to female students.

Can I have a Quran tutor at home?

Yes, you can arrange for a Quran tutor to come to your home for in-person lessons, or you can opt for online Quran tutors for convenience.

Are Quran tutors qualified?

Qualified Quran tutors often have certification in Tajweed (pronunciation rules) and Quranic studies, ensuring they are well-equipped to teach Quranic knowledge.

How can I find a Quran tutor near me?

You can find a Quran tutor near you by searching online, asking at your local mosque, or through community recommendations.

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