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8 Valuable Pieces of Advice to Consider When Searching for an Online Islamic School

Have you ever considered the idea of enrolling your children in an online Islamic school?

Well, if you are living in a non-Muslim neighborhood, now might be the right time to consider it. Islamic schools are now becoming more popular outside the Islamic world. Why? Because these schools offer great courses and curricula to their students. From Islamic education to Arabic language, and specialized courses to history and civilization, students can leverage a lot more than they actually imagine…

Above all, online Islamic schools offer flexibility and ease of learning everything from the comfort of your home. They have a group of qualified instructors and offer proper certifications after completion. That’s why the idea of joining online Islamic schools is getting more popular each day.

However, if you are looking for Islamic schools and typing those common words into the search bar, “Islamic school near me”, then wait! Let us guide you with some magical pieces of advice that might help you a lot in choosing the right online Islamic school for your children.

In case you want to know the tips on how to choose the best online Quran school, read this article.

Make Sure, They Offer Interactive Learning

Now you must be thinking about what type of Islamic school it would be that doesn’t offer interactive learning. Well, there might be a lot… but we don’t know.

Yes! Don’t be fooled by everything they tell you with sugar coating. Trust your instincts. Always inquire if they offer quizzes, live classes, question/answer sessions, launch discussion forums, participate in creative group activities, and have a range of multimedia resources. If they are missing interactive learning, then there is simply no reason to enroll your children in that school.

online islamic school

Must Launch Child-Friendly Programs

An online Islamic school without having a combination of child-friendly programs is totally useless. Why? Because they don’t induce any kind of creativity, self-confidence, and an opportunity to do something new in their students.

There might be not a lot of Islamic schools that offer such kind of activities, but there might be some that offer these activities in summer only. So, you can type “Islamic summer school near me” in Google and get a lot of relevant results. Make sure the school features child-friendly curricula and incorporates various teaching methods tailored to the needs of young learners.

Reach Out to Other Parents and Local Members

Before you enroll your children in an online Islamic school, make sure you reach out to other parents whose children attended the school or some local members who have more knowledge about their education system.

This is probably a great way to get frank insights into the school and see whether they meet your standards and criteria or not.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a lot of research to find the local members. You can visit the social media pages of the school and check the opinions of others and try to explore further by communicating about the doubts you have.

Verify the Authenticity of Online Islamic School

This is somewhat the most overlooked thing when it comes to enrolling children in an online Islamic school. Most parents do not feel the need to verify the authenticity of the school and they blindly choose it for their children. Remember, this is the question of your child’s future, so how can you be so ignorant about it, huh?

Make sure that the online Islamic school you choose must be fully- accredited or recognized by reputable Islamic educational institutions or scholars. This would help verify the authenticity and quality of the education they provide.

The School Must Have Qualified Instructors

Another important thing to consider is: The skills and qualifications of the instructors. If the instructors are not competent enough or have the lowest qualification level, then they won’t be able to inculcate the right Islamic knowledge in your children.

Choose an Islamic school online where your children get taught by skilled, well-versed, and qualified male/female tutors who know what it takes to induce the right things in your child. They should also be dedicated, polite, and calm. So, that your children feel excited every time they have to take the class.

Choose a Online Islamic School that Offers Flexible Schedule:

Now that’s something very important to consider.

And to be honest, not every school provides this feasibility. Yes, we are not lying.

Some schools have strict schedules and they don’t allow you to attend class if you are late.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a school that is also concerned about your schedule. Tell them your schedule and availability and only consider them if they offer flexible class timings to accommodate your needs, especially if you have worked or family commitments.

Check If their Platform is User-Friendly

Many online platforms have different complicated features that are sometimes difficult to operate for normal users. And that’s the reason, people don’t choose them.

Therefore, whenever it comes to joining an online Islamic school, make sure their online platform is user-friendly and reliable. Also, check for the technical support that must be readily available to assist with any issues or questions.

The School Must Promote Ethical Values

Before you choose an online Islamic school for your children, make sure you confirm that the school must promote ethical and moral values that are specifically aligned with common beliefs and principles. Your chosen school should foster a very respectful and supportive learning environment.

Final Thoughts

Remember, deciding the right online Islamic school is a critical decision. It’s a matter of your child’s future. Moreover, it plays a significant role in your children’s Islamic education. Take your time to research and research. These tips must consider the above pieces of advice. However, if you are still unsure about the right online Islamic school, trust MQT Academy where the qualified tutors work dedicatedly to improve and enhance your child’s Islamic knowledge via Quran classes online.

The school caters to a diverse range of learners, including kids and females. They aim to offer holistic Islamic education to strengthen the beliefs of children and guide them to the straight path. Whether you want your child to enroll in courses like Tajweed Quran, Islamic activities, or Quran reading, the school provides detailed assistance regarding everything you want.

You can also enroll for 3-day trial period and start your journey of knowledge and faith.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an online Islamic school?

An online Islamic school is a place on the internet where you can learn about Islam, the Quran, and other Islamic subjects through virtual classes.

What is a weekend Islamic school?

A weekend Islamic school is a place where students attend classes on weekends to learn about Islam, Quranic studies, and Islamic teachings.

Can I enroll my child in a weekend Islamic school?

Yes, you can enroll your child in a weekend Islamic school. These schools are often designed to accommodate students who attend regular school during the week.

How can I find an Arabic school near me?

To find an Arabic school near you, you can search online, ask at your local mosque, or inquire within your community. They often provide information about nearby Arabic schools.

What subjects are taught in online Islamic schools?

Online Islamic schools offer a variety of subjects, including Quranic studies, Islamic history, Arabic language, and Islamic ethics, depending on the school’s curriculum.

Is there an Islamic summer school near me?

You can find Islamic summer schools near you by searching online or checking with your local mosque and Islamic centers. These programs often run during the summer months.

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