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Why I go for an Online Quran Academy

It is pointing out that for the last decade, the new technologies and internet turned online Quran education into a flourishing demand for all the peoples. There are numerous online Quran institutions, offering distance learning Quran programs. In the recent survey, the enrollment in online Quran learning programs increased manifold and a good number of peoples recognized the value of distance learning of Quran. In fact, if it would not be wrong, online Quran education is a special bonus for Muslims who are not easily accessing the Islamic centers and Mosques at their area of residency. My Quran Teaching Website is also one of prestige online quran academy, offering all courses of your choice at your own convenient dates and times. 

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Reason to Hire a Professional Online Quran Academy

Moreover, the parents are hiring quran online academy for their kids due to various reasons. Online Quran academies provide wider scope and students opted their choice of course, can learn it at the comfort from his or her home. Whereas, the traditional Quran classes’ opportunities are only available in Islamic countries and students need more time to complete the Quran courses.  We will discuss more about online Quran learning academy verses offline Quran Institutions but most important point needs to consider, what would be right solution for Muslims who are residing on Western countries. This tutorial guide will also help them, how they hiring a best online Quran Academy for their loving kids for learning Islam and Quran.

If you are looking for Quran Academy online for your kids, then you have landed a right webpage. Our online education institute will meet your needs and demands. Enrolled students are fully satisfied [testimonials] with our highly qualified teachers .  Get a spot of your kids now for widening Islamic knowledge to know the truth of life.

In the subsequent discussion, we will elaborate some salient’s features and benefits of online Quran education, if you still unable to make out your decision in regard with to hire Quran online academy for Islamic education or not. The question may arise in your mind why we hire? The following points might help or support to make your mind to choose an equranacademy:


To provide Islamic education is the dream of every parent. Best quran online academy will save your time in many ways. It will not only save your time but also money in travelling to reach at offline Islamic centers. So online Quran courses are easily accessible and coaching is one on one basis. Therefore, the opted course can complete at any time.


You can start your online Quran courses at anytime, anywhere and at your own convenient time. Thus, it is an easy to access facility for getting Islamic education from your home. The accessibility features of  Quran online Academy, however attracting for all aspiring students.

Cost Effective

Online Quran Academies are offering all sorts of courses at reasonable charges. Due to the reason, the demand of online Quran education is increasing day by day. The most of online accredited Quran Institutions are offering family packages and discounts to the deserving students.

Course Material

The course material for learning Quran courses are easy available, more than that the course is easy accessible and mostly it is being provided by online Quran Academy. Apart from this, you can get all course materials free of cost.

Personalized Attention

Every online Quran Academy dedicated some fix time for an individual student. In this way, during attending your online Quran classes, your kid must get personalized attention. Students can communicate freely with his or her Quran tutor/instructor and discuss the difficulties / problems.  Ultimately, this way of teaching helps in improving the understanding of Islamic concepts in an effective manner.

Increase Attachment

The teachers and instructors in e Quran academies are qualified. Therefore, by increasing the tie with your kids, they can easily inject the Islamic values in them. So the students do not feel difficulty to share problem, they are facing while they are studying.  Students always have chance to contribute and discuss with their tutor.


Today! To learn quran online via an academy can be the best option, when you have no other alternative to enroll your kids for advancement of Islamic Education. Broadening your Islamic knowledge through online Quran academy, it can make you invaluable in your society. Now! Just we apprise you different sorts of Quran academies and Quran Institutions likee- lerarning

Quran Academy Karachi

Karachi is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan. So, Quran Academy Karachi will serve your kids online from Karachi. It might established physically at Karachi or having a branch office at Karachi.

Quran Academy Lahore

Lahore is another big city and capital city of province of Punjab, Pakistan. So, Quran academy Lahore operated their online Quran course physically from Lahore.

Online Quran Academies

Some of Quran Academies operated now a day in UK, USA, Canada and Australia, etc. Quran academy UK served mostly students in different cities of United Kingdom. Quran Academy USA might provide services in different cities in United States whereas Quran Academy Canada and Australia may provide Quran learning services in their own country. These academies are offering online as well as offline services to the Muslim community.

When we are talking about e Quran academy, this will not matter where this academy is physically exist in the world. The important thing is the academy profile, academy admin support, academy tutors qualification and experiences, like these factors are mattered. This is because; it is distance learning education so it can start anytime and anywhere from the world.

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Quran Academy Islamabad

We are operating My Quran Teaching Academy; we are stationed at Islamabad, Capital city of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Our online Quran academy offering all Quranic courses from basic to advance level for all Muslim Ummah irrespective of area and country. We are providing individual classes for every student. Each student gets 30 minute classes in every day. In this ways, personalized attention on each student would be possible.

Our Recommendation

We would not stress anyone to take classes from us. However, looking for best online Quran academy, first explore 2-3 academies and then before start your regular classes, mostly Quran online academy offering 3 days free trial classes. During this trial classes, parents should check the lectures of your kid’s tutor himself or herself. When you and your kid fully satisfied with tutoring of that online academy, then, start your regular classes.

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