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Why Progress Discussion with Parents Is Important?

During the course, it is important that teachers keep parents aware of the academic record in school as well as their behavior with other students. The same must be practiced in institutes which teach children the Quran as well as educate pupils in other religious aspects. It is important to keep in touch with parents so that they know about the learning aspects of their child. The Institute organizes parent-teacher meetings every month or after three months depending on the rules of the Institute. It is good for the Institute to organize meetings on a monthly basis to provide the progress of kids to parents. The progress discussion is necessary for the following reasons:

Sharing Student Progress in Quran Reading:

To learn and understand the Quran is somewhat more challenging than other course books. It requires courage, patience, and effort to learn the Quran. In meetings, the teacher discusses the student’s progress as well as the best strategies to keep students involved in Quranic studies. Some pupils consider it a difficult task and are not able to learn it properly. So, in meetings, both teachers and students discuss different strategies to develop the interest of students towards Quranic studies.

Quran Study

Discussion about Student’s Characteristics:

The meeting is very important to discuss the student’s strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, needs, and learning styles. This way, parents become aware of their child’s behavior and try to improve it if the report is not good. This involvement of parents helps children improve their weaknesses, behave well, and focus on the Quran.

Issues Related to Students:

As discussed above, learning the Quran is a difficult task, and many students face problems initially. Some have trouble learning, while others struggle to focus on tajweed. In such cases, both parents and teachers must make efforts with the children. They must implement strategies that foster the student’s interest in learning the Quran and getting involved in the class.

PRogres of Student

Parent Teacher Meetings [PTMs]

Parent-teacher meetings are crucial for focusing on a child’s behavior, interests, needs, and attitude. If parents are unaware of their child, it is not possible for a child to achieve their goals. Both parents and teachers play a role in building and shaping the personality of the child. MyQuranTeaching.Com is organizing meetings on a monthly basis to develop a good relationship with the child and solve the problems he or she is facing during learning.

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