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In Quran translation course, online Quran teacher will help you to understand word by word meaning of each Quranic word. After completing quran translation, a second phase, tasfeer course will be started. The course enables you to understand in depth events, message of Allah. This course makes us to become a true Muslim and brings a great perfection in our life. In His Holy Book, Allah clearly guide humanity, how one can success in this world and next one.

Quran and its tafseer both are the most important Courses. Learn these and get the complete knowledge about our life. If you are willing to get this learning at home then you may opt online quran translation course. This course guide us the best ways, to understand the complete purpose of our life. It is a course, especially design for those students and children who want to understand the real meaning of Quran as well what facts the Quran Verses all about. This course will aslo help basic understand of the Arabic and its meanings. Once a student will understand the meaning of the verses of Quran he or she will get the detail information of the verses in the light of the context as these verses were revealed by Allah.

How to Get the Complete Training of Translation?

If you want to learning the meaning of the verses of Quran and want to understand perfectly then you must have to join an online Quran translation course. By joining in that course, you will get the complete information of the verses of Quran. In this course, the qualified teachers will teach you word by word meaning and explaining you in proper way. Our teachers are qualified as well as good understanding over Quran and Allah’s Ahkamaat.  Finally, the students learn real meaning of Arabic words and their contextual use as they revealed. The tafseer of Quran is delivered by the experienced teachers. we are always ensuring their knowledge regarding accuracy of tafseer.

Quran Translation Course Guide

There are following areas (teaching methodology) which will be covering in this course:

  • The Quan tutors are delivering lectures one on one interaction basis. Students  learn meaning of the Arabic words on daily basis.quran translation course
  • They will get the meaning of verses words by words.
  • The meaning of verses in details are explaining to the students.
  • After the literal translation, the students will guide the contextual meaning of the words and verses.
  • By the end of the course the teachers will organize an exam for them.
  • After passing exam, the students will able to understand the complete meaning of the verses and their implication.
  • The students will also get the complete knowledge of the tafseer of Quran according to the contextual meaning of Surahs.

Ending Remarks

By summing up the detail discussion about the Quran translation and tafseer course of Quran, we may recommend this course for you. If you want to learn all about meaning and translation of the Arabic Verses of Quran. Allah’s message for human can understand after completing Quran translation course.

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