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Mushtaq Ahmad is a dedicated Administrator at My Quran Teaching Academy, where he plays a pivotal role in providing essential technical support to tutors and other allied staff. His responsibilities extend beyond administrative tasks, as he actively engages in coordinating progress reports and maintaining effective communication with parents. Mushtaq’s educational background and extensive experience make him a valuable asset to the academy’s mission of spreading Islamic education globally.

Educational Background:

Mushtaq Ahmad holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree from a renowned university, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence. In addition to his secular education, he has also completed basic Islamic education under the guidance of well-known Ullemas (Islamic scholars). This unique combination of academic and religious knowledge equips him with a holistic understanding of the subjects he works with.

Online Expertise:

Over the past 10-12 years, Mushtaq has been actively involved in numerous online projects. His passion lies in the belief that the best way to serve his Muslim community, especially those who lack access to physical Islamic centers or face barriers to attending mosques, is through online platforms. He understands the various challenges faced by different segments of the Muslim population, and he is determined to address these issues through his work.

Mission and Beliefs:

Mushtaq Ahmad’s unwavering commitment to spreading Islamic education is deeply rooted in his belief that:

  • Access for All: He believes that every Muslim, regardless of their location or circumstances, should have access to Islamic education. Whether it’s Muslims living in non-Muslim states or elderly individuals who may find it challenging to attend traditional institutions, Mushtaq is dedicated to providing them with the opportunity to learn about their faith.
  • Affordability: Mushtaq recognizes the financial constraints faced by many, and he firmly supports the idea that online Quran centers should offer their services at minimum wages or charges. This commitment reflects his desire to ensure that cost is not a barrier to acquiring knowledge.
  • Inclusivity: He is particularly concerned about the educational opportunities available to Muslim sisters, both in non-Muslim and Muslim-majority states. Mushtaq is passionate about creating a welcoming and accessible environment for Muslim women to enhance their knowledge of Islam.

Commitment to My Qur’an Teaching Academy:

Mushtaq Ahmad expresses his enthusiasm for being a part of My Quran Teaching Academy and promises to serve the institution with his utmost dedication and belief in its mission. His blend of technical expertise, education, and unwavering commitment to making Islamic education accessible to all makes him an invaluable asset to the academy’s vision of spreading knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of Islam worldwide.

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