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Mrs. Nighat is a dedicated and highly qualified Quran teacher with a deep passion for imparting knowledge and understanding of the Quran to children and sisters. With a strong educational background and extensive experience in teaching, she is committed to nurturing a love for the Quran and fostering a strong foundation in Islamic studies.


Mrs. Nighat holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies, a testament to her profound knowledge of Islamic principles, history, and teachings. In addition to her academic achievements, she has completed a comprehensive Tajweed course, Quran Translation course, and Tafsir course, further enhancing her expertise in Quranic studies.


Mrs. Nighat has accumulated valuable teaching experience over the years, specializing in various Quranic subjects. Her teaching repertoire includes Quran Translation, Quran Reading, and Basic Arabic Qaida courses, tailored to meet the unique needs of children and sisters. Her commitment to providing quality education has made her a respected figure in the community.

Teaching Approach:

Mrs. Nighat’s teaching philosophy is rooted in patience, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to her students’ success. She understands the importance of creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification. Her teaching methods are designed to make the Quranic lessons engaging, accessible, and memorable.


Parents who have entrusted their children’s Quranic education to Mrs. Nighat have expressed their utmost satisfaction with her teaching. They appreciate her ability to connect with young learners, making Quranic studies an enjoyable and enriching experience. Her commitment to providing a strong foundation in Quranic knowledge and Islamic values has earned her the trust and respect of her students’ families.


Mrs. Nighat is a dedicated and accomplished Quran teacher with a solid educational background, extensive experience, and a nurturing teaching approach. Her mastery of Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Quran Translation, and Tafsir courses, coupled with her dedication to fostering a deep understanding of the Quran, make her a valuable asset to any student seeking to enhance their Quranic knowledge. If you are looking for a passionate and caring Quran teacher, Mrs. Nighat is the ideal choice.

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