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Mrs. Nighat is well qualified Quran teacher with immense love and interest to teach the kids and sisters about Quran. Being a qualified teacher and having many years of experience in teaching she is determined to help the students develop love towards the Quran and build a firm Islamic knowledge.


Mrs. Nighat is a postgraduate in Islamic Studies; thus, she possesses extensive knowledge of the history and teaching of Islam. Besides, she has also finished a Tajweed course, Quran Translation course, and Tafsir course in Quran study to be more specialized in this field.


Through the years, Mrs. Nighat has been able to gain considerable amount of teaching experience in different Quran subjects. Her teaching curriculum comprises Quran Translation, Quran Reading, and Basic Arabic Qaida for children and sisters respectively. Her devotion towards offering quality education has placed her among the reputable personalities in the society.

Teaching Approach

In her teaching approach, Mrs. Nighat is as patient as she is empathetic while maintaining a strong commitment to her students. She also appreciates the need to set up a favorable learning environment within which learners can easily ask questions and seek clarification. Her teaching techniques are aimed at making the Quran lessons easy and fun for the students to learn.


Other parents who have placed their children in the hand of Mrs. Nighat for teaching Quran to their children have confirmed their highest level of satisfaction. They applaud the way she handles the young students and makes the learning of Quran an enjoyable and fruitful process. Her attitude of ensuring her students develop a sound understanding of the Quran and other moral values has made her popular with the parents of the students.


Nighat also possesses excellent teaching experience for the Quran with proper education, proper teaching experience and proper teaching manner. Her proficiency in Islamic studies, tajweed, Quran translation as well as Tafsir courses and her passion in helping any student who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the Quran as a curriculum player of immense value. If you are searching for a compassionate and active Quran tutor, Mrs. Nighat is the right teacher for you.

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