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Gulam Ullah Babar is an esteemed instructor at our institution, renowned for his expertise in a wide range of Quran disciplines. His scope of work is Tawjeed, Qaida book reading, Quran Tilawat, memorization and Quran translation in Urdu language. His passion for Islamic education can be seen through his many years of schooling and his undying desire to see his students transformed for the better.

Educational Journey

Thus, the life of Gulam Ullah Babar as an Islamic teacher started with his unique accomplishment of performing Hifz-i-Quran, memorizing Quran within two years. After this great achievement, he pursued the path of ALIM Courses of higher Islamic studies which he completed after rather lengthy period of eight years. These rigorous studies have equipped him with profound knowledge and insights into the intricate aspects of Islamic scholarship.

Years of Service and Impact

After his studies in the University of Islamic Studies, Gulam Ullah Babar has been consistently engaging his time in teaching and educating more students about Islamic education. Through his dedicated teaching, numerous students have successfully completed various courses and gained a deep understanding of Holy Books and Quran teachings under his guidance.

Institutional Asset

Gulam Ullah Babar is a valuable addition to our institution, and his membership in our team is a blessing. It is due to his passion for the improvement of his students and his relentless focus on advocacy for Islamic education that he is an invaluable resource to our teaching staff. We have the highest regards for everything he has done, and we are looking forward to receiving valuable guidance and enthusiasm from him for many more years.

Gulam Ullah Babar is an exceptional teacher and a role model who has gained tremendous knowledge about the Education System of Islam and has the practice of teaching in this path with passion and perfection. Thus, owing to his specializations in Tawjeed, Qaida book reading, Quran recitation, memorization, and Quran translation in Urdu, his passion to enhance everyone’s interaction with the holy Quran and its mellifluous teachings caters to students as well as peers.

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