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BismillahQuran memorization is a very hard process. It takes at least a few years before a person can say that he has completed the Quran memorization course. In Arab countries, there are educational centers offering Quran learning courses. These Islamic institutions also teaching courses in the memorization of the Holy Quran. Our academy is offering online quran memorization course. Your kids can learn hafiz quran from home.

This facility can avail from over the world irrespective of region. Take up Quran memorization courses and learn the whole Quran by heart. Quran online memorization courses having the same process and ways, as techniques adopted in real life institutes in the world. The difference is only you can learn it at your comfort. One-on-one session of hafiz Quran leads you get good interaction with your tutor. The students in most time, showing satisfaction with it because online course help them to follow these religious acts without leaving their home.

Online Quran Memorization Course Outline

The Online Quran memorization course is arranging on a day to day basis and memorization stages shall be as follows:

  • New Memorization: The students of this course are given a new lesson everyday. It has to learn memorize by himself or herself. The instructors listen to the students on the very next day to make sure that the students has learnt the given task correctly.
  • Newly Memorized Part: As the Quran Kareem has 30 parts/Paras. Your Quran tutor will start memorization from the last Para. The newly memorize part will be revising again and again. It can be learnt easily in this way or Online quran memorization coursethrough other various ways. However, it is difficult to learn too much at once. Since, Arabic is a common language to learn. As we know the Holy Quran, whole book needs to learn by heart orally.
  • Old Memorized Part: Once the specific portion of the Holy Quran is memorized. Instructor takes consecutive tests of the student to make sure that while learning the new part or not. The student qualify the test and not forget the old lessons, then process of memorization will continue. These courses can only work if the student has sincerity to the course as well as consistent in learning the course.
  • Daily recitation and memorization of the Quran should be routine of your kid. The Holy Quran is simple book to learn. It requires consistency in reading on daily basis. The benefits of hafiz-e-Quran cannot be imagined.  If your kid memorize Quran with translation, the doors of heaven will not be only open for him/her but also for the parents as well. Understanding of the meaning of the Holy Quran which makes the men life perfect.

Your Efforts That Matter :

To learn Hafiz e Quran, no doubt, it takes time and requires your keen interest and efforts as well as efficiency. So the memorize portion will be repeating after a few days to make sure that the memorized lessons are still okay . If  the new part not learnt correctly, the course cannot process further. Revisions then revision makes memorization Quran Paak perfectly.


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